Cream of Mushroom soup Root Vegetable soup Pitta bread salad with hummus & Guacamole Spiced vegetable lasagna Vegetable Kebabs on rice cakes & Tomato sauce Hot smoked salmon, Farfalle & spring onion Seven sister’s cheese and potato pie Crushed and seasoned potatoes with onions and a choice of your favorite Manx flavored cheddar Seafood pie A blend of local fish in a creamy white wine sauce topped with crushed potatoes & cheese Winter vegetable Quiche


Choose your Bread type & select your topping Brown, white ,big toast, whole meal, Gluten free, Slice of Toast                             80 Poached Eggs                         4.00 Scrambled Eggs                    4.oo Fried Eggs                               4.00 Scrambled Eggs with smoked Salmon             5.50 Mushrooms                               4.50 Baked Beans                         3.75 Three Beans                          4.00 Fresh Tomatoes                    4.00 Sardines                                   4.50 Manx Kippers                        5.50 Cheese                                     4.50 Nutella                                      3.50 Vegemite                                   4.00 Jam or Marmalade                3.50 Boiled Egg with toast soldiers                         3.00 Boiled Duck Egg With toast soldiers              4.00