Supper Club

 August 12th Menu –


Menus change weekly.

Friday and Saturday Evening Supper Club from 22 of January 2016

seating 2

£27.50  for 3 courses (plus any supplements)

The Tickethall is open on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6.30 till late for Supper Club.  The best things about Friday and Saturday evenings are the great value for money, full service, so you can dine in relaxed surroundings of an old Victorian Railway Station built in 1887. It is also BYO (Bring Your Own) which means you can simply bring along your favourite wines and beers and we will do the rest.  Local chef Steve Quirke will be happy to cook delicious local dishes for you.

Duck Salad

The attraction of the supper club for the customer is to sample new food, at great value for money, outside the traditional restaurant experience, which can be expensive and disappointing – supper clubs have been described as “anti-restaurants.” They also generally provide a more intimate, dinner party style experience. It has 3 functions.

1 It’s social

The Tickethall Supper Club is not just about fine food – it’s about meeting people from all walks of life on the Island. We have students, artists, bikers, train enthusiasts, business visitors … you name it, they have probably visited at some point.

2 It’s value

Our menu offers seasonal, quality food at affordable prices for the right reasons – a supper club restaurant doesn’t have the overheads of a traditional restaurant. That means the Tickethall Supper Club can focus 100% on delivering amazing quality food.

3 It’s local

The Tickethall Supper Club is one of the Isle of Man’s first weekly supper club restaurant. We source our ingredients from local suppliers.

Steve Quirke prepares a unique menu for each event. Food is a continually evolving art and week by week new innovations & ingredients are introduced into cooking.

Please see the Events page for more details and a sample menu.

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